War has begun across the East Realms after the destruction of the West, and the hunger for revenge began to take hold. King Osiris lost his life in a battle he never realized had been staged by an even greater threat to humanity, Ghede, the King of the Dead. Ghede was a long forgotten foe, placed in the depths of hell, by what some say was the hands of the God’s themselves. The Dead King waged war upon the wizards and the Mer-People leaving only the Prince to survive. Queen Asphodel and her Fae Kingdom sit with tyranny on the horizon as the Port of the Cascading Seas is empty.

Setting out on a journey, Prince Pike finds his path riddled with enemies but has found an ally in the Fae Princess, Leonetta. Leonetta and her Faith, though captivated by their own plan for the future, will push forward, protecting and guiding Pike as he evolves from the two legged Prince of the Mer-People to the King of the White Wolves, a face in a prophecy written in the stars. His journey is long but he finds comfort and friendship in the most unlikely of people along his way.

The Journey for Death will take the reader through battles of Ogrerish proportion, lost alliances, new friendships, and secrets long since kept. Realizations of the future will be put into motion and the depth of importance of Pike’s place amongst the fold will be revealed. With so much riding on this young King’s shoulders and the understanding that his future is not what he had thought or hoped, he may begin to waver in his allegiance. Death and destruction are coming for the East Realms and the frost is beginning to gather on the broken fields of the Vale. Who will come out on top will depend solely on lies, secrets, and revelations.

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Paranormal & Horror: FULL MOON HOWL

Mystery. Malice. Revenge.

Broken bodies and bloody messages are appearing in the darkest corners of New York City. Infected werewolves are roaming the streets attacking innocents.

The Dark Council demands answers. They summon Simon and Tristan to investigate. The evidence points to the work of a powerful mage, unfortunately, there is only one mage in the city powerful enough to cause this kind of infection-Tristan Montague.

Now, Simon and Tristan must locate the source of the magical infection before the Dark Council declares Tristan a dark mage, destroys the werewolves, and shatters the fragile peace in the supernatural community.

 Join the Montague and Strong Detective Agency while they are hunted and chased. All while trying to uncover the identity of their unseen enemy before it’s too late!

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The Demon Stone is a powerful supernatural thriller that leads you from the killing fields of Africa to the quiet Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. In braided narratives, Datta spins a terrifying story about the spiritual forces—both real and supernatural—that incite the basest, bloodiest and most frightening of human behaviors.

When Kevin volunteered to travel to a war-ravaged country in Africa to help out his childhood buddy, Bill, now a physician with Doctors Without Borders, he knew he might face danger. But he could not have envisioned the brief, nightmare encounter that would rob him of his friend, his principles, and quite possibly his sanity. When he returns to his family in the United States, he carries with him not only survivors’ guilt, but, according to a grizzled old juju man in the service of a warlord, a powerful demon.
Liz cannot understand why, precisely, she agreed to go camping with her old college friend Kevin and his sullen teenage daughter, but it was clear that in the wake of his sudden divorce and a horrific family tragedy, Kevin needed someone to lean on. The canoeing trip in the Boundary Waters was supposed to be an escape, an opportunity to bring back the old Kevin. But once in the forests, Kevin’s behavior grows increasingly off-kilter, and Liz feels a growing sense of unease, one that ripens into fear. As the trio glide further into the wilderness, it becomes clear that someone, or something, is stalking them.

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Instead of using my powers as a Reader to work the psychic network hotlines, I work as a field agent for the clandestine agency, AIR. My elven partner Logan is showing me the ropes. Relocating a troll and interviewing a werewolf should be a normal day. When shots are fired and a fairy turns up dead, our day turns into a nightmare.

My job keeping mythological creatures, the Lost, hidden from the world takes a U-turn into an investigation. Using my powers, I have a shot at tracking the killer, but someone else has the same idea. An agency sanctioned assassin mistakes me for a demon and almost succeeds in taking me off the case and out of life. These are my tax dollars at work.

With my powers raging out of control and a target on my back, will I be able to protect the Lost?

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Paranormal Fantasy: BLOODY BEGINNINGS

What if there was a vaccine to cure the flu… permanently?
Would you blindly get the vaccine? What if you were forced?

Isabella Howerton’s brother was just a Junior Researcher working for a major pharmaceutical company, when he suddenly went missing. Months later, she gets a frantic phone call from him. His message: Don’t get the vaccine!
What could be so bad about a simple vaccine? Now, Isabella finds the world she knew is far larger than she ever imagined. At the heart of it all is a seemingly harmless vaccine.
In a desperate attempt to find her brother, Isabella will find herself thrust into a world full of vampires and werewolves, torture and death. Along the way, she learns the truth about the vaccine, and the power of blood.

But blood, is just the beginning.

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Paranormal: DARK DESCENT

A succubus. A wizard. A deadly addiction.

Sex kills. Hard to believe, but that’s what we’re dealing with. A succubus is on the loose. She’s dark, hungry, and ancient. In a world of monsters, age is power, and she has both. Something is pushing her to feed on my kind, and if I don’t figure it out and stop her, she will kill all of us. I have to stop her, and learn to control the demonic power within me. It’s twisting me, tainting me, I can feel its power growing. Dealing with a demon got me into this, let’s see if it can get me out.

I am the monster that hunts monsters

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They say demons and angels don’t mix. I say people should mind their own damn business.

My brother, Damian, has been my rock ever since mom left. Didn’t matter to him that I was a lowly half-demon while angel blood flowed through his veins. I was his and he was mine.

But nothing lasts forever.

He wants me to go to college. I’d rather fight a hundred sentinels than lead a boring, safe life hiding who I am. So when a nephilim goes missing, I go behind Damian’s back to find the teen. Maybe if I can solve the case, he will upgrade me to his partner in crime solving.

As bodies begin to drop, I realize I’m in way over my head. But there’s no way I’m going to admit that, not when my future hangs in the balance. Instead, I set my eyes on recruiting the help of the new kid. Lucas is arrogant, sexy, and persistently trying to get my number.

He’s also a nephilim. Off-limits, no matter how good he looks flinging fireballs.

Then again, I was never good at resisting temptation.

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Paranormal & Horror: WHAT LIES WITHIN

whatlieswithinSerial killer Sophia Varga runs a highly successful cosmetics company: one that utilizes human remains as a main ingredient. As her relationship with her accomplice deteriorates, Sophia seeks to break free from his control and find a replacement partner-in-crime. She may have found someone too perfect: the object of her obsession is confident in his methods, but Sophia risks becoming his next victim. Despite the warning signs, she believes she has found her twin flame.

As Sophia struggles to deal with her growing attraction to her new potential accomplice, police discover an underwater graveyard. With the pressure mounting, Sophia loses sight of a neurotic female stalker, a young photographer named Ti. But Ti’s obsessive ways lead her into a downward spiral when she discovers that Sophia and her ex-accomplice are her long-lost sister and father. After a violent run-in with Sophia’s new accomplice, will Ti decide that blood is thicker than water?

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Paranormal & Horror: EIGHT


Deep in the Amazon, the solution to the global energy crisis has been found; a mysterious source of power set to end our dependency on oil.

When she receives stunning photographs related to the discovery – courtesy of expedition leader and former partner, Ed Reardon – entomologist Rebecca Riley finds herself on the next flight to Brazil, heading down to join the team of scientists assembling there. She hasn’t seen Ed for more than a year, and their relationship hadn’t ended well.

But his revelation is impossible to ignore.

What she and Ed uncover is beyond imagination: strange statues in the jungle… a ruined city built by the refugees of a lost Pacific continent… and a terrifying new species of animal.

Forced to confront a crippling childhood phobia she’d thought long dead and buried, Rebecca realises this new species is no ordinary enemy.

It is an ancient enemy, one whose very existence has implications for all of humankind… and the planet itself.

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Paranormal & Horror: GRAPHIC

graphicSome beliefs will be put to a test…

Daniela does not believe in much anymore. Suffering from a broken heart, she leaves the bustling city of New York to live with her family in a small desolate town named Tisdale where she manages to find a job in her field as a Jr Graphic Designer.

She wants to start her life over but doesn’t even know where to begin. So she slowly allows the small town to fill her heart with all its simplicity. But even the most simple of things hide secrets in the shadows.

Daniela accidentally makes a startling discovery that endangers her life and the lives of her family and friends as she is now a target of a deadly cult that will stop at nothing to silence her except she finds herself facing another dilemma. An evil has been awakened that latches itself to Daniela, using her as a pawn and is willing to kill everyone that stands in its way.

The only way to get out of her predicament is to rid herself of the evil inside of her…before the Cult of Standish gets to her first.

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