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Paranormal Romance: SEA CURSED

seacursedSea Cursed, by USA Today bestselling author, Amy Lee Burgess, is the thirteenth novel in the Othala Witch Collection, a series of dystopian paranormal romances.
For centuries the mark of Othala has been a death sentence for every witch who bears it. They call these witches sea cursed. Their destiny is to save Galveteen from monsters known as ravagers by casting the spell of Reutterance, which, legend has it, kills them.

The non-magical Trumbull family has ruled Galveteen ever since the bloody coup where they overthrew the witch co-regents, changing the balance between witches and non-magicals. Where once witches were revered, now they are reviled.

Until she is marked by Othala, Demetria has no idea she is a witch. Brought up in a non-magical neighborhood of Seawall North, she’s been taught to regard witches as inferior beings. Now she must face the fact that not only is she something she’s always despised, but sea cursed as well. As the most powerful earth witch on the island, she must somehow learn to control her unfamiliar, powerful magic.

Logan grew up embracing his sea witch heritage in a neighborhood of Seawall South. He is proud to bear the mark of Othala, even when he is derided and sneered at by the Lord Regent’s elite guard and the Regent himself. Brash and rebellious, Logan walks a dangerous line when dealing with the formidable Lord Regent – one that could cost him dearly.

Sparks fly when Logan and Demetria meet. Neither has bargained on love being part of their destiny to save their world. Together they must battle prejudice as well as ravagers in a race to save Galveteen from destruction.

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Paranormal Romance: DEMON BLESSED

demonblessedI know he’s a shifter before I see him. As I step inside, desire pulls me under like a wave. Vampires are delicious, but nothing is as scorching hot as a powerful werewolf. I’m not sure what I want more—to have him bend me over the table, or to feed on his otherworldly energy.

I crave both.

Temptation! This is how my problems begin. I can’t trust anyone, particularly supernatural creatures. With my power, I don’t even trust myself.

I’m too damned dangerous.


Psychic, Janice St. John, is no longer human—not since her mother’s spell went wrong and a baby demon took up residence in her body. Now Jan’s teaching her bloodthirsty inner monster to be good. Employed by a detective agency, she solves mysteries by talking to ghosts. Then she makes one little mistake…

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Paranormal Romance: THE KING’S FIRE

51vEVm-j9VLThe moment Aithne’s mother told her that her sister had been captured by the infamous Vampire, King Lazzaro—she should have known it was a trap.
In order to get her sister back, she is given one simple, but dangerous task. She has to capture a dragon-shifter and bring him back to the King. It should be easy, a simple exchange—her sister’s life for that of a dragon. Nothing is ever what it seems and soon she finds herself drawn to the very people that she may be forced to betray.
As King of the Dragons, Viktor’s one true goal is to keep his people safe. His old friend Chase has become the first dragon-shifter in centuries to find his mate. His people are finally starting to have hope that balance can be restored with the newfound Earth witch sisters. Keeping them close, he finds himself intrigued when they begin a friendship with a beautiful and mysterious new redhead.

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Paranormal Romance: DEMON KIN

51rZQ3Q2+hLWhen a business tycoon hires Mel Morgan to find his missing daughter, the SoulTracker is thrown headlong into twists and turns of unexpected deaths and unusual killers. But to find the girl in time to save her, Mel she has to first understand the killer. Demonic or human killers? Mel can’t decide which will be worse.

Things get a little complicated when she has to help find both a Panther Alpha’s mother, and a reluctant Djinn Queen. Add to the mix an evil spirit plus her mentor Samuel sending her terrifying messages in the Ether. Save him, or else.

It’s just all in a days work for a SoulTracker.

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Paranormal Romance: TALL, DARK, & DEADLY

talldarkdeadlyChloe Hunter can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Incarcerated by The Bureau after running amok for a century with a gang of vampires, grifting and terrorizing humanity, she’s ready to make up for her dark past. Luckily, when The Bureau would rather see her at the end of a wooden stake, in comes her new straight-laced boss, Ethan Raines who’s got other plans for the enthralling ex-con.

An enigmatic vampire who finds Chloe’s hybrid blood and sexy street prowess too irresistible to pass up, Ethan requests The Bureau to release her into his custody to protect the streets of New Orleans. Now, her debt to society is to punish other supernaturals who break the law and bring them to justice.

When Chloe’s old gang involves her in a plot to unlock a mysterious box of woe, she’s forced to make some hard choices that threaten to betray the trust of the man who’s given her a second chance at life and love. Ethan may have his work cut out for him in Tall, Dark & Deadly, the first steamy blockbuster in the Agents of The Bureau series!

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Paranormal Romance: ALTERED

alteredUnassuming law student Sadie Pratt leads a quiet life immersing herself in her books; outside of school, her only real form of excitement is researching the local flour mill and her link to its terrible history. That all changes one fateful night when her employer requests she meet with a mysterious client who will change her life in an unthinkable way.

Vincent Strickland has toured the country attempting to regain his holdings after serving a punishing sentence for his violent past. He is out for revenge when his path unexpectedly crosses Sadie’s, who he believes is his former lover reborn. He will stop at nothing to possess her.

Fallen deity Thayer Aubade has dedicated his life to The Creed, a secret sect charged with protecting the innocent from monsters like Strickland. When his team is dispatched to rescue Strickland’s latest victim, the scene he discovers feels all too familiar and he vows he won’t play by the rules this time.

Desire, possession, and treachery lead Sadie down a crooked path to redemption. She must rely on her intellect and inner strength for her survival… and for that of the man she loves.

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Paranormal Romance: THIS KITTEN’S GOT CURVES

thiskittensgotcurvesAlpha Bear seeks perfect mate. Sassy BBW lioness looking for a fling. His mating instinct will kindle shifter romance, but can it last?

Gareth wants to mate for life, in fact he needs to find his perfect mate soon, or he’ll lose his position as the alpha of his troop of bear shifters.

Sassy and curvy, Rachel doesn’t want anything serious, just a little passion. She wants to use Shifter Date, the paranormal dating app, to find a one night stand. Broken hearted and in a dry spell, she’s hunting for an alpha male to be her ultimate fantasy—the best hook up she’s ever had… but nothing more.

Gareth goes wild when he sees Rachel on Shifter Date. Rachel’s sassy lion eyes, her curves for miles, and her loving heart kindles his mating instinct. But can he and Rachel mate for life? Or will her past keep her from her fated mate?

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Paranormal Romance: BITTEN

416e3iRRvELThe city of Pinton has never been safe…and now a serial killer is on the loose.

Doctor Alice Reive is the city’s coroner, and she’s determined to help find the murderer. Enlisting the assistance of the Honorable Dante Kipling and city guard Elle Brown, they race to track down the killer, before another victim dies.

Hannah Romanov – Dante’s missing twin sister – has spent hundreds of years living on an isolated mountain. But her quiet life is thrown into chaos after she discovers a baby left in the wilds to die. Hannah will do anything to ensure the infant’s survival, even if it means traveling to the worst place in the world for her – Pinton.

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thecollectorstreasureScottish wizard Griffin MacNeil has dedicated his life to seeking magical treasure, but his luck runs dry when a demonic cult sets their sights on him. When it seems his life can’t get any more complicated, an unexpected encounter with his first love adds fuel to the proverbial fire.

Aisling Kavanagh is more than a healer, she’s a half-fae with a knack for lifting devilish curses. When she crosses paths with her childhood crush, a dangerously sexy attraction reignites between her and Griffin. But if she wants him, she’ll have to battle for more than his heart—she’ll have to fight for his very soul.

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