51rnrdxMJ-LA mercenary with a chip on her shoulder. A cyborg warrior with an attraction stronger than his emotion-suppressing implants. Trusting in passion is the only way they will survive…

Talia’s a hardened mercenary owned by the Antiata Deterrence Company until she pays off her debt. She has found only one man worthy of her carefully guarded trust: reformed criminal Logen, the sexy gunner in her ragtag unit of misfits. He’ll never return her feelings, but his strong, silent gaze awakens her uncontrollable desire.

Logen’s passion-suppressing implants have been malfunctioning since the moment he laid eyes on the gorgeous, capable spotter. She sees past his ugly scars to the man inside and he wants nothing more than to wrap her sweet, hot body in his protective embrace.

But when he’s falsely accused of murder, Talia and Logen become targets on the run. The mercenaries must fight off robot assassins, hungry wildlife, and a growing mutual attraction that threatens their survival. Caught in the hostile jungles of a steamy alien planet, Talia must decide whom to trust with her life… and possibly her heart.

Resurrection Heart is the fourth book in the Robotics Faction saga, and starts an all new chapter in the series of sci-fi romance novels. If you like starships, robots, and hot romance, then you’ll love the latest offering from Wendy Lynn Clark.

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SciFi Romance: BLINK

51pk7HIS5HLAria Grace is confused, grieving, and scared.

Not to mention royally ticked. Just who is this Jameson guy, and what was her sister into? And what does her sister’s boyfriend Reed know?

She feels like her life has blown up in her face, and even her best friend holds secrets. When Jameson drops another bombshell on her, she’s caught up in emotional turmoil just before they are thrust into an unexpected rescue mission.

Before she can blink, she and an unlikely gang are fleeing for the mountains, into the mysterious territory of the Untouched. All Aria can do now is pray for God to equip her for what comes next. Whatever that may be.

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SciFi Romance: THE LOST HEIR

51f1c+Yxg7L._SY346_Isabella Foxworthy was just another girl…until she learned she was an empath, able to read the energy of others.

A secret world known as the Violet City lies beneath her Hollywood family’s legendary hotel. Through this discovery, Isabella is catapulted into a whirlwind of magic, adventure, and danger.

The Violet City holds the key to protecting her stability; her family hotel, her friends, and her very sanity.

With morphlings, empaths, and fair folk also comes a powerful entity that twists her mind into knots, threatening everything she loves.

Now, Isabella and her new friends—a guitar-playing jock, his gifted but neurotic brother, and a set of over-indulged twins—have until her 16th birthday to save her world.

They just need the help of someone who’s been lost for a very long time…the lost Foxworthy heir.

But will they find him in time? And will he be a friend or foe?

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SciFi Romance: RETURNED

51Rb+0o0uQLStruggling to discover her role in a terrifying new world where everything has changed, she must decide who she can trust.

Sierra Walker has been missing for 30 years. Her family thought she was dead, only when Sierra turns up, she hasn’t aged a day. But Earth has changed drastically.

Biological warfare has decimated the planet. Her home town of Redmeadows exists under a bio dome, and to survive in Redmeadows, you must be micro-chipped. No chip? Then it’s off to quarantine for you. And no-one has returned from quarantine. Ever.

Running from the law, fighting her forbidden attraction to Alrik, the tall, dark and handsome alien who rescued her, unsure of where her brothers’ loyalties lay, and mourning the death of her mother, can Sierra also keep the secret she’s been desperately trying to hide? The one that could be her salvation, or her doom.

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51f16P3FH5LJoanna Angeles is ready for anything. She has been dispatched to a frozen planet at the back end of nowhere, accompanied only by an advanced Artificial Intelligence known as Barbas. Her mission: to transform an unliveable frozen wasteland into a home for over a hundred-thousand colonists within ten years. Unbeknownst to her, the brutal glacier world is not as lifeless as she thought. When her planetfall is mistaken for the coming of a deity by a local ranger, Volistad, Joanna finds herself embroiled in an ancient war.

Can Joanna and Volistad find common ground, despite their vast differences?
Can they forge a connection to unite their two peoples? Or will the ice-bound world of Chalice claim them all?

Join Joanna & Bardas in their mission to survive to this exotic and new harsh planet…

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51Bo8XTLbmLYara Ortuso always knew she’d follow in her father’s footsteps as a Spell Slinger–until her mother sold her off as a concubine to a lord, after a forbidden romance.

Yara would have served her time as a wife to keep her family safe, but when King Loric sets a decree to abolish magic, she has no choice but to make plans for her escape.

Her best friend–a crow shifter named Hero is just what she needs. Yara vows to end the reign of murder and tyranny. But when the skeleton key transports Yara to a distant future, she must adapt to this new world.

The future is an alluring and mysterious place, where the effects of a world without magic is apparent by the rise in supernatural activity–and King Loric still lives.

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41uv6u5HI-LWhen Nina Adler begins to have intense, action-packed dreams about being an FBI agent, she dismisses them as nothing more than fun distractions from her mundane life in upstate New York.

But a phone call from a friend makes Nina wonder if her dreams contain deeper meaning than she first thought. In her dreams, she has a steamy affair and falls in love with her handsome partner, Aeden. And her friend wants to set her up on a date with a man named Aeden — the same Aeden she’s been dreaming about.

As Nina grapples with this bizarre coincidence and growing affection for a man she hasn’t even met yet, dreams continue to haunt her at night. And when shocking events unfold in her dreams that feel unusually real, she’s forced to confront the possibility that she may possess powers far beyond her understanding.

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51kXS-P5jxLEach year the ball is held at the former Palais de Versailles, where the debutantes are displayed in front of the foul-mouthed Bloods, wearing identical lingerie and Venetian masks to hide their identity.

With the impregnated Debutante to be set up in an arranged marriage with a wealthy, but sterile, Terran, it means the Bloods are not allowed to know their identity.

Every Terran father wants Tiberius Koln, the ‘master seeder’ to pick their daughter, because of his extraordinary results at impregnating. But on the last day of the ball, Tiberius spots Saffron Mountbatten. And when he sees her face in an unguarded moment, he immediately knows that he has found the love of his life and knows what he must do. Choosing her from the vast array of women on offer, Tiberius takes Saffron to the socialization chamber.

His intentions are clear. He’s in love, but will Saffron reciprocate his feelings? She has a privileged life on Earth, but will she be prepared to give it up for love? And for the love of a common Blood?
Find out what happens in this love story for our Universe.

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SciFi Romance: WORLD’S AWAY

51iMtSyn44LSlavery, or mate to an Alien Commander? Which would you choose?

Paris had lost her parents at a young age and instead of going into the foster system, she ended up on the streets. Sure, life was tough for a 17 year old girl with no one to turn to, but she made her way on the streets of Los Angeles for years. That is, until one day when she was no longer on the streets.

Commander Venay of the V’Zenian Empire was a man on a mission. It was his responsibility to ensure a good lot of human slaves made it back to his planet each year. But this time it was different, he saw her across a field and knew he had to have her, at all costs.

The choice was simple, Paris could be a slave on the V’Zenian home world, or she could become Venay’s mate and provide him with the offspring his people so desperately needed! Until the V’Zinian’s most venomous rival, the Zateelians, attacked Venay’s ship and forced them to crash land on a distant planet. Paris had a new choice to make: save herself or help Venay exterminate aliens who have a sinister plan for the humans.

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SciFi Romance: ACADIA’S LAW

51LFWru7C2LRod “Ram” Ramaldi is a pro football quarterback newly arrived in the Twin Cities to begin the next phase of his career. Acadia King is a young widow out for the evening at a hotel cocktail bar. With nothing to lose, she’s about to hook up for the first time in years with Rod, a perfect stranger–a perfectly hot and totally inappropriate much younger stranger. Acadia’s also about to discover her inner badass when an infection that turns people into violent crazies begins to sweep across the nation and the hotel is ground zero! Suddenly, Acadia has everything left in life to lose. Determined to make it home and defend her farm, Acadia brings along a few survivors from the hotel, including Rod. But the infected aren’t the only deadly predators roaming the land. Can Acadia and Rod survive in a world gone insane overnight?

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