Just like everyone else in that small, remote and beautiful village, Mohammed lived a simple,happy and peaceful life with his wife and eight children. They had their own farmlands, goats and water and life was good. Until a group of strangers appeared in the village one day and everything changed.

With time, more outsiders arrived and new settlements were built. New jobs were created and the villagers welcomed them with open arms as if they were their own people. The outsiders were smart, educated and powerful people with higher connections, but they had come with plans and had no intention of leaving.

The simple and naive villagers had no idea about the greater ideals of the strangers and soon their farmlands, goats and water were gone, and with it their freedom too. Soon, the villagers began to feel like caged animals and wanted their old lives back.

As the resentment,hatred and bitterness between the two sides grew, the villagers decided to rise up and fight the newcomers. But how could they fight such a superior enemy? And what will happen to their lands that were supposed to have been a gift from God?

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