Life experience taught Simona to be tough and self-reliant, but underneath she is more vulnerable than she likes to admit.

Finally living in Paris, and hiding behind the ‘mysterious stranger’ facade, Simona has her perfect life. She has great familial support, fulfilling friendships, and an exciting job. That is until he walks back into her life, and with him comes trouble.

Andre Zatopek has spent a year looking for Simona since her complete disappearance following the discovery of his betrayal and her desperation to start over. In that time apart, both Simona and Andre grew into themselves and learned what they want out of life. Now can they make it together?

Their journey takes them to the beautiful old cities of Europe as they set out to rediscover each other. This time they have to get past their mutual passion to delve into each other’s souls, but does Simona’s rich and mysterious friend Philippe Bouchard own too much of Simona’s soul?

Can true love conquer Andre’s betrayal and the secrets in Simona’s life? Is Simona willing to compromise her perfect life for a little trouble?

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