Paranormal & Horror: WHAT LIES WITHIN

whatlieswithinSerial killer Sophia Varga runs a highly successful cosmetics company: one that utilizes human remains as a main ingredient. As her relationship with her accomplice deteriorates, Sophia seeks to break free from his control and find a replacement partner-in-crime. She may have found someone too perfect: the object of her obsession is confident in his methods, but Sophia risks becoming his next victim. Despite the warning signs, she believes she has found her twin flame.

As Sophia struggles to deal with her growing attraction to her new potential accomplice, police discover an underwater graveyard. With the pressure mounting, Sophia loses sight of a neurotic female stalker, a young photographer named Ti. But Ti’s obsessive ways lead her into a downward spiral when she discovers that Sophia and her ex-accomplice are her long-lost sister and father. After a violent run-in with Sophia’s new accomplice, will Ti decide that blood is thicker than water?

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