War has begun across the East Realms after the destruction of the West, and the hunger for revenge began to take hold. King Osiris lost his life in a battle he never realized had been staged by an even greater threat to humanity, Ghede, the King of the Dead. Ghede was a long forgotten foe, placed in the depths of hell, by what some say was the hands of the God’s themselves. The Dead King waged war upon the wizards and the Mer-People leaving only the Prince to survive. Queen Asphodel and her Fae Kingdom sit with tyranny on the horizon as the Port of the Cascading Seas is empty.

Setting out on a journey, Prince Pike finds his path riddled with enemies but has found an ally in the Fae Princess, Leonetta. Leonetta and her Faith, though captivated by their own plan for the future, will push forward, protecting and guiding Pike as he evolves from the two legged Prince of the Mer-People to the King of the White Wolves, a face in a prophecy written in the stars. His journey is long but he finds comfort and friendship in the most unlikely of people along his way.

The Journey for Death will take the reader through battles of Ogrerish proportion, lost alliances, new friendships, and secrets long since kept. Realizations of the future will be put into motion and the depth of importance of Pike’s place amongst the fold will be revealed. With so much riding on this young King’s shoulders and the understanding that his future is not what he had thought or hoped, he may begin to waver in his allegiance. Death and destruction are coming for the East Realms and the frost is beginning to gather on the broken fields of the Vale. Who will come out on top will depend solely on lies, secrets, and revelations.

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