Paranormal Romance: A WOLF’S JOURNEY

It’s been a while since I last attended one of my Siren’s concerts. With all the craziness that’s been happening in Paxton, I haven’t been to New York in months. So, when my Kate dedicates a love song to me, she just rocks my world again. I can’t wait for us to get home for some bedroom fun; but, before we can even leave the club, I realize the pack’s troubles are far from over…

I’ve been patient with Dean for a while now. I can understand he and his brothers wanted to build a proper home for Helena. It took them weeks to finish it, but, now that their work is over, he’s got to come to New York with me. His presence at the club makes me feel relaxed. I feel motivated. I feel more alive. It’s a good thing; it’s exactly what I need to stay alive…

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