Paranormal Romance: DIXON

Melody must decide how to get her two younger sisters safe while at the same time keep her uncle away from her. When she agrees to be wedded to another Elf from another territory, she only does it to ensure her sister’s safety. But when the news gets to her sisters they have something else in mind, and it certainly doesn’t involve Melody marrying to keep them safe.
Thrust into the Human World with nothing but one bag and her sister’s vision of meeting her mate, Melody has no clue what to do. When she lands, quite literally on her mate’s back she doesn’t know what to expect. Will he accept that she is an elf from a completely different world, or will he turn away leaving to fight her battle on her own.

Dixon knows something is coming, only he doesn’t know what. He’s a lion shifter who can’t shift and has been outcast by his own kind. He lives his dull life the same way until Melody is hurdled into his life. He thinks it’s Fate sick pleasure playing games with him until he realizes that Melody can give him everything he’s lacked in his life, but how can he mate with a woman and not be able to protect her? Self-doubt clouds his mind until she convinces him that she loves him no matter what.

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