Paranormal Romance: FIRE’S MARK

He wields the power of Fire, but she will leave him burned

She’s a monster of myth and legend
A century ago, the minotaurs exploited harpy Enyo in their schemes against the centaur race, and her sisters paid the price. Now, she won’t rest until they’re free—and she seizes retribution from the minotaur who deceived her. But her plans for vengeance crumble to ash when a beastly warrior tries to thieve what’s hers. She can stave off the passions scorching between them and survive his fiery embrace, unless he learns what and who she truly is.

He’s a warrior sworn to slay her
Dragon shifter Lord Demoleon of Krete has vowed to recover the mythical sword of Aegeus, the one weapon capable of destroying a minotaur. Without the blade, his brethren stand no chance of victory against the vile King Minos and of reclaiming their rightful centaur throne. But an enticing vixen also seeks the sword, and they can’t both have it. When he discovers she played a part in the decimation of his people, he’s bound to eradicate her and her entire race. Yet, his heart has other ideas.

Engulfed in the flames of their desires
Enyo and Demoleon must work together to save both their races, but a hatred this primal threatens to squelch their love. When War descends and the wills of their families clash, the only way to save one, is to destroy the other.

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