Paranormal Romance: SIN AND SORROW

A vampire with nothing left to lose…
The son of the man who took everything from her…
And their heart-shattering romance, blooming in the midst of vengeance.

Marie Aberdein hates that her favorite treat is O-negative, and refuses to prey on humans to get it. But she hates the MacLeod Vampire Hunters even more. They’ve destroyed everyone she loved, forcing her to survive completely alone. And the current Hunter won’t stop until she’s gone as well.
He will catch her eventually. But before he does, she’ll make him pay. Her target? The Hunter’s college age son, Gabriel. Once she has the rugby-playing, history major in the palm of her hand, she’ll rip his heart out…and make his father watch.
Except that Gabe MacLeod is shockingly fierce and warm-hearted. His sweet flirtation makes Marie feel like the girl she never had the chance to be. Too bad their love has no chance against his destiny as the next Hunter… or her vendetta against his father.

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