Paranormal Romance: THE GATEKEEPER’S KEY

Black rituals, demonic possessions, and complicated romances. All in a day’s work for an oracle.

As a journalist with the gift of foresight, Krystine Iamides covers up magical crimes with fictional accounts. Though her psychic ability makes her the ideal Gatekeeper between the mundane and magical worlds, knowing the truth behind every scandal comes at a price—demons have marked her for extermination.

Once a human detective, Jean-Luc Chevalier is the only true immortal of the Guardian forces. His unusual abilities give him the distinct edge to fight necromancers, shades, and vampires, but they haven’t helped him win Krystine’s heart. When an attack lands her in his protective custody, he receives a final chance to win her back.

Forced to work together despite their rocky romantic history, Krys finds herself growing closer to Jean-Luc as the danger level rises. To protect the mortal realm from the darkness, they must battle their inner demons and unravel insidious plots. If they don’t, the forces of Hell will overrun the world, and there won’t be a future for anyone.

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