Alliance: an Alpha Shifter Romance

Mated in Hell Trilogy, Book 1

Alliance-KindleUSA Today bestselling authors K. de Long and Rebecca Hamilton come together to bring you book one in the Mated in Hell Trilogy, an Alpha vs. Alpha M/F romance for readers who enjoy the man coming out on top.

With the prospect of war on the horizon, two rival packs must come together to solidify an uneasy truce.

Tessa LaCroix, alpha mistress of the Kumori pack, is too fiery and competent to be passed around like some decoration. So when her father sends her to the Nefari pack to become their alpha leader’s mate, she’sĀ furious. More aggravating, Marrock is the worst kind of alpha: proud and unmoving, more animal than man. But her own feelings betray her as she comes to know the man beneath the beast and realizes the animal in her wants the animal in him.

Liam Marrock was perfectly happy running his pack without a strong huntress defying him at every turn. However, the prospect of a ceasefire with the Kumori is too alluring to pass up. Unfortunately, it’s not half as alluring as the headstrong spitfire now sharing his home, all the while cursing his name. But Tessa soon proves she’s more trouble than she’s worth, when her strong-willed attitude causes his packmates to test his authority.

As tensions escalate and the truce is tested, Tessa’s quest for independence may cost him his life.

Fans of Jamie McGuire, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Sherrilyn Kenyon will love this paranormal shifter romance with BDSM influences.

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