Betrayed by her family because of her mysterious powers, Elise Dawson is living on the streets of London when she is found by a local brothel owner, who takes her in despite the fact that Elise refuses to sell herself for money. She isn’t at the brothel long before she is offered a job as a maid at the estate of Lord Julian Ashton, a man who may or may not be completely mad according to all of his previous maids, none of whom stayed more than a fortnight at the house.

Rather than afraid, Elise is curious about the rumors of ghosts and monsters at the estate, and take the job with every intention of exploring the mansion’s dark secrets. Despite her history of being betrayed by the people in her life and Elise’s vow not to get close to anybody again, she finds herself deeply drawn to Lord Ashton, who is dark, handsome, and for all Elise knows—extremely dangerous.

Elise and Lord Ashton find themselves attracted to each other in a way that is undeniably powerful, even though both of them have vowed to stay away from each other and the violent secrets that they each hold. As a string of murders in the area starts to close around on them, Julian and Elise find themselves working both together and separately to solve the secrets surrounding the deaths before they catch up to them, and Elise herself becomes the next victim.

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