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We currently have a few available options for featuring your novel with genreCRAVE. Please read about them below.

Please Note: Once you book your promotion, you do not need to contact us with further information. We get everything we need from the form! You should receive an automatic reminder the day before your promo is set to run. It may go to promotions or other folder. However, even if you don’t receive this reminder, that does not mean your promotion won’t be going out. Subscribe to our newsletter to see the offer when it goes out (usually before 5pm EST). If it is after 5pm on the day of your promotion and you think your promotion hasn’t run, you can contact genrecrave (at) gmail (dot) com – Please do not contact before that time, as there’s a 99.99% chance we’ll be busy delivering your service, and interruptions mean less time spent promoting your work, which is what we really want to focus on! 


Our  Spotlight Feature is a solo feature of your book in our newsletter to our complete list of subscribers (nearly 90,000 subscribers currently). You will also receive free crossover promotion to our private, genre-specific lists. We pick these lists based on which segments we believe will respond best to your title.

With this option, we only feature one book per day to our newsletter. Titles that are priced $0.99 perform best. The cost of this promotion is $100, and on average, users report 30-200 sales from this promotion. Books with an OUTSTANDING cover, phenomenal blurb, and killer opening pages perform best. Having reviews helps, too. None of these things are required, but all are strongly encouraged for best results.

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As with all of our services, you can expect the best results when your title is priced at $0.99, in Kindle Unlimited, and has an AMAZING product page (blurb, cover, look inside, etc). By booking, you agree we are not responsible if your title underperforms.

Looking For Bargain, Genre-Specific Newsletter Features?

Whether your book is free or paid, you can reach our genre-specific audiences through


genreCRAVE’s Nightly Reads program is a newsletter feature that goes out in the evenings, generally between 8pm and 11pm EST, to nearly 90,000 newsletter subscribers! It’s also our CHEAPEST full-feature newsletter option, never listing more than 10 titles per email, 3 times per week. Results generally come in over the course of a 48 hour period.

This feature is ideal for titles priced FREE through $0.99 only! Kindle Unlimited titles are also welcome, so long as the purchase price is $0.99 or using free days. Your feature will include your cover, a short blurb, and your Amazon purchase link.

While we have an open submissions policy for this feature, we STRONGLY recommend submitting your best work. A stellar cover and a high-impact blurb will convert as a higher rate than other submissions.

Additionally, we do allow submissions from all genres, but our readers have shown a preference for the following: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Steampunk, and Young Adult. We also have a moderate numbers of subscribers who prefer Mystery, Thriller, Horror, and SciFi Romance.

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As with all of our services, you can expect the best results when your title is priced at $0.99, in Kindle Unlimited, and has an AMAZING product page (blurb, cover, look inside, etc). By booking, you agree we are not responsible if your title underperforms.

Saturday Night Blind Book Speed Dating – $25

Can you sell books…with just 30 words?

No cover. No full blurb. Just a short 30 words.

We’re going to be straight with you about this promotion. It’s partly about getting you more exposure, more sales, and more readers….but it’s also partly about allowing you to TEST YOUR PITCH. After all, studies have shown that consumers can make decisions in as little as a third of a second! 

Can your short blurb past the test?

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In the past, we have seen authors get a CTR of $0.04 to $0.15 per click, which is much better than most authors see with Facebook ads, making this a great value even without the chance to win another book feature for free! Our prize value will always be equal to or more than the cost of this feature.

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Our Book Boost is our best selling service and often books out solid two-three months in advance. This is not a newsletter feature. This is a direct marketing campaign. We have various segments of readers on social media who have signed up for us to send them a message if we find a book we think they might like. Our book boost covers a send to the three best-fitting segments of readers we have. We do not give out information about our readers or about our segments, as this is one of the most effective services for new releases and our secret business model.

Titles $2.99-$4.99 have the best immediate ROI, but do not move as many copies or have the same ranking effect as titles priced $0.99. If you are looking to boost your book in ranking, we strongly recommend a $0.99 title. Newer titles perform better than older titles, but users have gotten great results even with titles that have been out for years. We will only perform one book boost per title at this time.

Book Boosts cannot be cancelled or rescheduled as we begin set up as soon as we receive your order. Our employees spend a lot of time setting up your book boost in the weeks leading up to it, and then they dedicate an entire day to getting you as many sales as they can.

Our records indicate that most of our clients get 80-400* sales with this boosts. Many of our readers are reviewers, too. However, we do not guarantee book reviews or results on any of our packages. All we can do is guarantee our best effort to get you as many sales as possible with our readers. As with our other services, we recommend having a stellar cover and blurb for this feature.

We also offer a MEGA BOOK BOOST. The Mega Book Boost is for authors looking to make 120 – 700* sales. Although we cannot guarantee results, your book offer will go out to almost twice as many readers.

* Average sales based on $0.99 price point and are not a results guarantee. Results occur over the course of 1-2 days.

Please note: There is no way to view a Book Boost because that is done via a direct marketing campaign. Here is an example of the kind of proof we can provide that you boost ran. There is an extra fee for “Proof of Delivery” same as most companies have if you want to add tracking to a order you’ve placed. That said, your results will be clearly measurable by your ranking increase and sales.

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Superstar – $100-225

This promotion is for authors looking to expand their personal newsletters via a solo, private giveaway. We collect the subscribers via our giveaway tool, which is sent on promotion to our entire audience (198,000 combined). This option also includes a solo feature of your title in our newsletter (similar to the Spotlight promotion). The giveaway runs one month from the date you book, and results are sent to you via a .csv file within 7-10 days of your promotion ending. If it is 45 days after the start date of your promotion and you still have not gotten your results, please email genrecrave (at) gmail (dot) com.

This feature usually results in 30-100 sales (sometimes more, but those are spread out over the course of a month) and 500-2000+ subscribers. However, we cannot guarantee results, and these numbers are just based on previous results we’ve seen.

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Are you building a new brand or pen name with not titles available to promote…or simply want the subscribers but not the book feature in our newsletter? Then Get a MINI SUPERSTAR for just $100 instead!

Facebook Ads Manager – $115+

Looking for someone to create and manage your Facebook Ads for the best CPC available in the industry? We have you covered! Learn More and Sign Up based on your AD BUDGET below!

$500 in Facebook Ads | $1000 in Facebook Ads

$1500 in Facebook Ads | $2000 in Facebook Ads


Our keyword targeting service is provided by the genreCRAVE team and focuses on finding what we believe will be your best 50 “author targets” for ads on Facebook, BookBub, Google Ads, AMS ads, or anywhere else where author names can be used as keywords to target your advertisements.

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genreCRAVE now offers an Elite Newsletter Building Service. Stop worrying about chasing down newsletter opportunities or worrying about what the results will be! With our Elite Newsletter building service, we offer flat rate packages priced at .10 a subscriber, with package sizes options of 5k, 10k, or 20k subscribers.

The way this package works is we build your NL for as long as it takes until we hit 10-20k subscribers for you, usually with a little extra cushion thrown in for free! This package can take MONTHS to deliver, but all the subscribers will be curated for YOU specifically. If after 6 months we cannot deliver the full package, you will be offered a pro-rated refund based on what we can deliver OR we can continue to work on it for you until we reach your goal.

How are these subscribers collected? We run various giveaways of books in your genre that readers can enter to win by agreeing to join your newsletter. We handle the prizes, so no worries there! We also handle the ads (Facebook, mostly, but we advertise in carious other locations as well) to get more traffic to these giveaways. The subscribers are collected through our app, then moved to a storage list until your list builder is complete. We then send the results to you!

Please Note this service is only for the following genres at this time: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Science Fiction Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary Romance, Hot Romance.

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Please note: We do not guarantee results and we do not offer refunds for titles that don’t perform well. Our job is to get your book in front of readers, but it’s still the authors job to have created a product they can’t resist. By placing an order on our site, you agree that you are paying us for our time and for access to our resources. Please keep in mind, due most authors experiences and results with us, we have a lot of repeat clients with busy publishing schedules, and some of our options book out months in advance. The calendar will only show available upcoming dates.

If you have any questions, you can email genrecrave (at) gmail (dot) com.