Sci-Fi Romance: UORIA MATES

An unexpected romance sprouts when Eden, a human scientist who is first sent to study an alien species, finds herself hopelessly attracted to Pyra, a male figure that initially inspires her disdain, but who ultimately awakens a mix of passion and desire in Eden’s heart, who is surprised by feelings that she couldn’t anticipate – or keep from growing – for the one who will end up saving her life.

This is only the beginning of the ‘Uoria Mates’ series, a collection of 10 titles that have all the key romance, action, and drama ingredients to leave you hooked to a stellar interplanetary story.

As you read the ‘Uoria Mates’ series, you’ll travel throughout an outer space world, where complex intrigues, highly charged emotions, as well as heated and conflicting desires, will unfold as wars are fought, and as hearts and bodies merge in an explosion of dramatic events with unforeseeable consequences that will touch and change the lives of many.

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