Urban Fantasy: DEAMHAN

Some wounds never heal.

In Minneapolis, young Veronica Austin lives in suburban bliss with her parents. Wide-eyed and innocent, she’s unaware of her parents’ secret lives in The Brotherhood, a group created to observe the mysterious psychic vampires known as Deamhan. Soon, Veronica’s world falls to pieces as her mother is tragically murdered. Wanting to shelter Veronica from this terrible memory, her father whisks her away to the safety of San Diego and leaves the past behind. But Veronica wants to know why her mother was murdered, and nobody – not even her father — is willing to give her the answers she needs.

As she ages into adulthood, Veronica’s newfound freedom and desperate need for closure draw her back to Minneapolis. On these seemingly serene streets, the scent of blood seems to be everywhere. And Veronica is determined to discover the tragic truth about her mother – no matter what her journey uncovers.

In Deamhan (Deamhan Chronicles #1), Isaiyan Morrison introduces a strange and seductive new world, where the darkness is host to a constantly lurking danger – and the only way out is through truth, love… and the courage to shine a light.

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